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 Complaint 09/01/January

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Complaint 09/01/January Empty
PostSubject: Complaint 09/01/January   Complaint 09/01/January EmptySat Jan 09, 2010 10:24 pm

Hey all, I want to announce nobody, i don't want it you are
in order for him to get a prison that let it be punished, but the today's day
that is 09/01/January.

2 of his Suns authorized Loe how I shall guide it FBI... all
right, I accepted it and John_Martin came after these and said it that this
like this unfair, with what with the rest of the men bugging if RP is not my
entry... after that John made an
application form, altogether 3 men filled it in, from this one were rejected,
like this i and one of my good pals stayed in. We waited for it John
when Chris asked it OOC-in that who is it FBI leader and let me convey the
management to his girlfriend... Chris married it after these it FBI my rights,
I was civil again hereby, we started explaining to Chris after these that this
was quite unfair... since we filled in the application form, what took
approximately 2 of my clocks, and I waited for 1,5 days that way that let John
enter. I was waiting patiently when the idea arose that new FBI will be Chris's
girl chief... her name not somebody else than Klaudia. Chris sent the faction
to become he for Klaudia with a word we failed everything.
Came after this Klaudia's usual fuss takes offence at the fact that he leaves
the server here etc., I got bored of this play sufficiently already. Oh so, we
devoted our time to it that let us fill in the application form and onto this
up we receive this, that let Klaudia be the leader on a manner unfair.

Everybody's mouth foamed after these, with what Chris lead
admin we cant do anything because of this against it, I would like it if
Klaudia would continue his work, I have problem with nobody, I do not like
running only after unrealities and this garbage was by sufficiently chris.

On a basis like this who we could prohibit from anybody
without no reason.
Thank you for the attention.
respect: Rico Rizzeti
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Complaint 09/01/January
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