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 LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope

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PostSubject: LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope   LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope EmptySun Jan 03, 2010 3:05 am

[b]Origin: Canada
[b]Date of Birth: 1993
Life Story:I am 16 years old and in highschool. i am currently taking alot of hym classes so i can be a cop for real life. I have always wanted to become a cop, ever sines i was in grade one. I grew up in Canada and i am very active. I have a a brother and a sister. My Father is currently a Police Officer and same with my grandfather, i plan to be the next officer in my family. I am very good at sports and very active. I am currently working as a security guard as a mall for a little spending money. My Favorite shows are Simpsons, Cops and americas most wanted.
Earlier Occupations: Gun Maker
Do you have experience with Law Enforcement? If yes, what kind of? (If OOC Experiences, include!)Yes i know basically everything of the Law because i was a cop in a previous server and my father is currently a copWhy do you want to be a Police Officer? I want to join at the LSPD because i want to justice for los santos and i want to arrest criminals and serve and protect the streets of Los Santos.
What do you want to reach as a Police Officer? I just want to become a police officer, the rank to me is honor.
Have you ever commited a crime?[DATABASE WILL BE CHECKED!]No
Do you hold a legal Los Santos Driving License?((No because i keep forgetting xD))
Do you hold a legal Los Santos Firearm License?No
Do you have experience with guns? Yes

Answer these Questions by the way you would act.

1. A Car infront of you has started speeding, you.. :
I would shout please pull over this is the LSPD
2. The Driver of a Vehicle which you just stopped, left his car and runs with a pipe in your direction, you.. :
I will aim my weapen and threaten to shoot if he doesn't drop it.

3. You see a citizen pull out a handgun and aim at another citizen, you.. :
I will shout to him to drop his gun and put his hands up and arrest him and take him into custidy.
4. Several Persons have crowded up on a citizen, carrying illegal firearms, you notice this while you're on a break alone, you.. :
I will call for back up and stay close enough to the crowd so they wont see me.
5. You frisk a Possible Suspect, which has been at the crimescene, and find a handgun on him, the Magazine is full, you.. :
I would ask him questions and evaluate if he commited the crime or not.

6. All your colleagues are on a break, you are in the garage interested in one of the Divisions Vehicles, you.. :
I would just go back to my own car.

7. One of your colleagues has been shot during a shootout, his crotch is bleeding, you.. :
I wouldcall for a paramedic and call for the swat to do an area search for the criminals
8. You pulled over a driver, who seems very intoxicated, he also smells of alcohol, you.. :
give him an alcohol test andif intoxicated i would fine him or jail him

9. On your nightshift you pull over a driver which acts very suspicious, you can't seem to forget the smell of some kind of drug, you.. :
I would cuff him and search for anything illegal, then arrest him/her if there is anything illegal.
10. A High Ranked Colleague orders you to check something, alone, while a good colleague of you wants to patrol with you, you.. :
I would ask the High ranked officer for permission if my friend could come

(( OOC Data ))

Ingame Level: (This doesn't affect your Application)1
Previous Ingame Names: Albert_Cantolope
Origin [COUNTRY]:Canada
[b]Age: 16
Can you effectively communicate in english?:Yes
Do you have a microphone? [YET OPTIONAL]:No
Are you willing to use the microphone in order to create a better communication within the LSPD?:yes
Are you prepared for unannounced trainings within your Duty as Officer?:Yes i am very flexible
Are you prepared to write Crimefiles for a better Roleplay Experience?:Yes
How long are you playing everyday?[Approximately in hours]:2-5 hours
How long have you been playing on the server?: Iabout a month
How long have you been Roleplaying?:Iabout 1 year
Have you ever been Admin-Jailed? Reason!: No
Have you ever been kicked/banned? Reason!: No
What is your Warnlevel (Ask an Administrator to check that!): N/A
Do you know what Powergaming and Metagaming is?: Yes
What's our Policy on this?: We dont do that or we will get jailed or if we do it again we will get banned for some days
Give an Example of Powergaming:/me shoots him, jim dies
Give an Example of Metagaming: [color=red]jim says what is the forum websitelor=red]I agree to play atleast 75 percent as an officer. (i will probably play 100 percent as an officer)

thanks for taking the time in reading this

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PostSubject: Re: LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope   LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope EmptySun Jan 03, 2010 3:13 am

Dear Mr. Cantolope.

Your application have been DENIED for the following reasons:
- You're missing the start of the application
- Not good enough effort in the Life Story.
- Some of the answers seems to be copied.
((- Your mixing OOC and IC ))

The Chief of Police will decide when you can apply again.

Dear Regards,
Lt. Josh MacTavish

LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope LTBoa
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PostSubject: Re: LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope   LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope EmptySun Jan 03, 2010 10:39 am

You can Re-apply in the: 18-th of Jan, 2009

LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope Fa62b86d95287040da51f84
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PostSubject: Re: LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope   LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope Empty

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LSPD APLICATION Albert_Cantolope
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