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 Luke_Sander LSPD Application

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PostSubject: Luke_Sander LSPD Application   Luke_Sander LSPD Application EmptySun Dec 27, 2009 5:30 pm

[size=15pt]Basic Data[/size]

Date of Birth:12/1/1985
[size=15pt]Extended Data[/size]

Life Story: (A long one raises the chance to be accepted)

My name is Luke Sanders, I was born and raised in Ireland, Waterford.
I always wanted to be a Police Officer. At first, it was pretty hard to grow without a father, I had to work and get money for my mother... she was sick and ill and she couldn't go out, or work.
My brother, Bryant, worked all day long... trying to get me and my mother money, food.
At the age of 17, My mother died... Me and Bryant were living alone, moving from house to house every saturday.
But my dream still was to become a Police Officer.
After I finished school I moved straight to Los Santos with my brother, to start a new life.
Got robbed 5 times by some locals, I couldn't do nothing except of calling 911.
I've always wanted to help the city, the people around, the guys who get killed every day...
At the age of 19, I've gatherd enough money for the university and started to study.
I was in college for 3 years.
After I graduated, I've signed my self into a course which explains what is LEO and more things.
I've always wanted to be an LEO, to make my dream come true, to become one.

At the age of 21, I've wanted to make my LEO knowledge one step further, so I've started to learn about their Training, the skills and etcetera.
Now I'm 22, my brother just got accepted to the PD, he told me that to be become LEO I need to put all of myself in this, because that is not easy... and I agreed to that.
Sometimes he's teaching me the codes, and more, he want me to be ready for the right moment.

Yesterday, I visited the PD Headquarter, took an application-form, my brother helped me a little, but I did good... today I gave it back... and now I'm awaiting for them to answer,
I hope that my dream would come true... really hope so.

Why do I want to join the force? I always wanted to be an LEO, this is really intresting way to explore, to get more knowledge, to help the city, I guess this is the time, my moment to show everyone that I can help them,
and I really... really CAN.
The PD is my dream, what can be better than helping the city, the people around, maybe to be a role model for the kids, for the city?, to show them the right way if they're wrong?
and even to get paid for all of this? this is my dream.

If we put the job away for two seconds, You get to be to good guy, the one who really cares about the city.
I know, that sometimes I'll be thug, to yell, shout, kill, or even to arrest my best friend, or even to be forced to do something, maybe to put my life in danger, but its not... thats the rules.
If we want to stop the the crime, the people who ruin the city for their own pleasure, we should do everything to do so.
I'd like to say that if I'd get accepted I'm going to put all of myself into this, like my brother do... to be a good LEO, to help everyone.

Earlier Occupations:N/A
Do you have experience with Law Enforcement? If yes, what kind of? (If OOC Experiences, include!)I have good skill of shooting english and combat
Why do you want to be a Police Officer?I want to defend the city from the criminal and kamikaze car (kamikaze is blow gas staion up)
What do you want to reach as a Police Officer?I will respect all police even low rank than me for make good team and i will clear some crime out of city.
Have you ever commited a crime?[DATABASE WILL BE CHECKED!]No
Do you hold a legal Los Santos Driving License?Yes
Do you hold a legal Los Santos Firearm License?No
Do you have experience with guns?Yes,And good.
If yes, in which relation?I used to join BB-Gun club in LV city

Answer these Questions by the way you would act.

1. A Car infront of you has started speeding, you.. :i use /m Stop you engine and get out off the car.

2. The Driver of a Vehicle which you just stopped, left his car and runs with a pipe in your direction, you.. :Quickly run to him and use tazer shoot to him legs.And start's to cuffed him for put in jail

3. You see a citizen pull out a handgun and aim at another citizen, you.. :

I run to the crime take tazer from belt and shoot for cuff him and safe the citizen

4. Several Persons have crowded up on a citizen, carrying illegal firearms, you notice this while you're on a break alone, you.. :
Report for sniper are on duty and walk slowly for not be seen

5. You frisk a Possible Suspect, which has been at the crimescene, and find a handgun on him, the Magazine is full, you.. :
Take tazer from belt and shoot to his/her legs for freeze.Then start's to frisk and cuff.

6. All your colleagues are on a break, you are in the garage interested in one of the Divisions Vehicles, you.. : Ask chief can used or not , or just leave.

7. One of your colleagues has been shot during a shootout, his crotch is bleeding, you.. :
Run to the people who was in the shootout area and help him to get out to safezone

8. You pulled over a driver, who seems very intoxicated, he also smells of alcohol, you.. :
I take him out and talk with him and i take him to LSPD for rest and wait for somebody take him to home.

9. On your nightshift you pull over a driver which acts very suspicious, you can't seem to forget the smell of some kind of drug, you.. :
I tries to frisk and take out all guns and drugs from his/her body.

10. A High Ranked Colleague orders you to check something, alone, while a good colleague of you wants to patrol with you, you.. :
I take always orders from higher rank are commands me.

[size=15pt](( OOC Data ))[/size]

Ingame Level: (This doesn't affect your Application)1
Previous Ingame Names:Luke_Sanders
Can you effectively communicate in english?:Good
Do you have a microphone? [YET OPTIONAL]:Yes
Are you willing to use the microphone in order to create a better communication within the LSPD?:
Are you prepared for unannounced trainings within your Duty as Officer?:I will training for my skill and rank.(I now what is PIT when use car)
Are you prepared to write Crimefiles for a better Roleplay Experience?:I make good RPer's
How long are you playing everyday?[Approximately in hours]:4-8hours
How long have you been playing on the server?: 1 day but i know where i can get job
How long have you been Roleplaying?:half of year
Have you ever been Admin-Jailed? Reason!:No
Have you ever been kicked/banned? Reason!:No
What is your Warnlevel (Ask an Administrator to check that!):N/A
Do you know what Powergaming and Metagaming is?:Yes
What's our Policy on this?:For make sure I m good rp player for join LSPD
Give an Example of Powergaming:/me Use guns from dead people and shoot to zombie leg
Give an Example of Metagaming:/pm 15 Hey Zombie you want meet me ingame?. Pm againt /pm 15 ok meet at LSPD

[size=10pt]Do you agree playing more than 75% of your whole playtime with your Police Character:[/size]Sir yes sir
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Luke_Sander LSPD Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Luke_Sander LSPD Application   Luke_Sander LSPD Application EmptySun Dec 27, 2009 9:32 pm

Thank you for applying at the Police Department.
Your application has been DENIED
For the following reasons:
-Lack of information
-No good English
-((I saw some mg))

You can re-apply in 2 days.
Regards, Chief
Nikos Papadakis
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Luke_Sander LSPD Application
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