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 [Ban apeal] Rick Martin

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John Martin
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[Ban apeal] Rick Martin Empty
PostSubject: [Ban apeal] Rick Martin   [Ban apeal] Rick Martin EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 1:40 pm

IG name: Rick Martin
Your Ip(www.whatismyip.com):
Admin name who ban you : I dont know
Time: Like 2 min before the post
Reason: N/A
Why do you want to be unbanned: Well look let me explain: Yesterday i got banned for doing a wrong thing but i apologised and i got unbanned but then i wasnt able to use my accont cause it kept saying that im typing the wrong password then today i created another acc and i asked an admin IG why i cant use my other acc. Then he sent me my new pass and wait a coiple of minutes... Then when he said i can log back in well i did /q then changed my name back to Rick_Martin and tryied to log in but the problem was the same... It still said that im typing my passwerd wrong and then i typed it in wrong 3 times and i got banned... Please Unban me and fix the acc... Please...
If you got warn ban then tell us about you warnings:
If you got locked then tell us why you got :
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[Ban apeal] Rick Martin Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ban apeal] Rick Martin   [Ban apeal] Rick Martin EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 2:07 pm

dont post in archive post outside here when you will get banned then it will be moved to archive .

btw w/e you are unbanned .
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[Ban apeal] Rick Martin
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