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PostSubject: Application   Application EmptySat Dec 12, 2009 8:03 pm

'LSPD application'
[b]Name:Mike Harris
[b]Date of Birth:20/5/1975

[b]Life Story:This is a story of one lucky guy.He was born in the seventy's.At ten years old,his own bad friends tried to rob his house,his dad was a police officer and the friends of his ran away.Since then he was a lonely chump who canno't stand alone.He always needed a friend with him.When he was eighteen,he finished school and got a temporary room in the institute.At twenty one years old,he passed the institute and became a mechanic.He worked three years.At 27 years old,Mike was attempted to be robbed by a group of gangsters.He took his dads shotgun and sayed to himself'May god forgive me'.He shot at the gangsters and after then didn't know what to do.After seven years.He saw the LSPD renewed and his dads picture.As he is a man,he chose to follow his dads foot steps.
[b]Earlier Occupations:((When i finish the apply,you can tell me what you mean by this))
[b]Do you have experience with Law Enforcement? If yes, what kind of? (If OOC Experiences, include!):In my story,i didn't mention i was my dads right hand,we were on patrols,i helped him with capturing bad guys.
[b]Why do you want to be a Police Officer?:I want to follow my dads foot steps.
[b]What do you want to reach as a Police Officer?:That crime forever will be stopped and people will live without fear.
[b]Have you ever commited a crime?[DATABASE WILL BE CHECKED!]:Well not a crime,but i lost my wallet inside an ambulance and i tried to break into it to get my wallet back.
[b]Do you hold a legal Los Santos Driving License?:Yes I do.
[b]Do you hold a legal Los Santos Firearm License?:No I don't.
[b]Do you have experience with guns?:Yes I do.
[b]If yes, in which relation?:In a night patrol with my dad.

Answer these Questions by the way you would act.

[b]1. A Car infront of you has started speeding, you.. :I would take the megaphone and say:PULL OVER NOW OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!'

[b]2. The Driver of a Vehicle which you just stopped, left his car and runs with a pipe in your direction, you.. :I throw my tazer at him,trying to get some time,i then cuff him and arrest the man for attacking an officer of the law and carrying an illegal item to attack with.

[b]3. You see a citizen pull out a handgun and aim at another citizen, you.. :I throw a tazer at him,attempting to knock him down to the ground and take his gun away and attempt to calm down the citizen.

[b]4. Several Persons have crowded up on a citizen, carrying illegal firearms, you notice this while you're on a break alone, you.. :I use my fighting tactics to hold down the bad people and let the citizen run away.

[b]5. You frisk a Possible Suspect, which has been at the crimescene, and find a handgun on him, the Magazine is full, you.. :I jail him till further notice and scan the gun if the gun was throwed down to him unexpectedly to the suspect.

[b]6. All your colleagues are on a break, you are in the garage interested in one of the Divisions Vehicles, you.. :I take my radio and i ask for permission .

[b]7. One of your colleagues has been shot during a shootout, his crotch is bleeding, you.. :I attempt to pull him away from the shootout and get to the car to get a medkit.

b]8. You pulled over a driver, who seems very intoxicated, he also smells of alcohol, you.. :I drag the suspect to my car,cuff him ,because I don't want him to kill me while he is drunk.I confiscate his car.

[b]9. On your nightshift you pull over a driver which acts very suspicious, you can't seem to forget the smell of some kind of drug, you.. :I frisk him and attempt to find any drugs.I find the drugs and leave them there and get some gloves.I use the gloves to take the small package of drugs from him and jail him till further notice.

[b]10. A High Ranked Colleague orders you to check something, alone, while a good colleague of you wants to patrol with you, you.. :I follow the high ranked colleague as I can't spit on the order of a higher rank.

[(( OOC Data ))

[b]Ingame Level: 5
[b]Previous Ingame Names:I got alot of them and can't write them all.
[b]Origin [COUNTRY]:Lithuania.
[b]Can you effectively communicate in english?:I can.
[b]Do you have a microphone? [YET OPTIONAL]:No.
[b]Are you willing to use the microphone in order to create a better communication within the LSPD?:((Answer above))
[b]Are you prepared for unannounced trainings within your Duty as Officer?:Anything to be more stronger.
[b]Are you prepared to write Crimefiles for a better Roleplay Experience?:Anything to make me a better RP'er.
[b]How long are you playing everyday?[Approximately in hours]:A normal day:6h and weekends:10-12h
[b]How long have you been playing on the server?:A day,but i already know how everything works.
[b]How long have you been Roleplaying?:A year.
[b]Have you ever been Admin-Jailed? Reason!:Bunnyjumping,i tried to get on a roof,but i failed several times and the admin jailed me.
[b]Have you ever been kicked/banned? Reason!:No way.I am a good guy.
[b]What is your Warnlevel (Ask an Administrator to check that!):0.
[B]Do you know what Powergaming and Metagaming is?:Powergaming is doing something that a human can't rarely do and metagaming is mixxing OOC knowledge with IC knowledge.
[b]What's our Policy on this?:I don't know.((I haven't been whole day exploring,I was filming at a movie with Rico for 2-3h.
[b]Give an Example of Powergaming:/me knocks out Larry.
[b]Give an Example of Metagaming:*You see a tablet with a name:Larry_David*Hi Larry.
Do you agree playing more than 75% of your whole playtime with your police charater?:I do.

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 1:53 am

Thanks for applying in the Police Department.
Your application is PENDING.
For the following reason: Lack of information.
We'll contact you soon about the application and further directions.

Kind Regards
Liuetenant, Pablo Nunez
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 7:10 am

(( I cant understand this app please use red color in all answers . ))
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application EmptyWed Dec 16, 2009 10:01 pm

Thanks for applying at Los Santos Police Department
Your application has been Accepted
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application Empty

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