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 [GANG-FAQ] Only post here if your family/gang is unoffical

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PostSubject: [GANG-FAQ] Only post here if your family/gang is unoffical   Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:02 am

How To Post A Thread About Your Gang/Family

Name of your post

The name of your post should be the name of your gang/family followed by [Unoffical]
Example: The Mibu Family [Unoffical]

What Should I Write In My Post?

Well, you should write information about your gang and also post all the neccessery things like:

* Members
* IRC Channel (/irc join 1-10.)
* Walkie Talkie Frequence (/setfreq 1 - 1050)
* Gang Story
* HQ
* Application Form
* Skins to use when you're in the family (Ask an admin to /setskin.)

NOTE: These are just 6 of many things you can write in your post.
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[GANG-FAQ] Only post here if your family/gang is unoffical
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