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 [GANG-FAQ] How to get offical

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PostSubject: [GANG-FAQ] How to get offical   Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:00 am

How to get official

What Is Official?
When you get official you will get lots of things. Things as scripted ranks and /invite, /uninvite and /giverank commands, you will also be able to get a scriptet HQ with gates (If possible.), you will also get your gang /equip. And of course, maybe the most important part, you will get your own faction radio with /f and /r.

How Do I Get Offical?
Well to start with, it's not easy to get official, you'll have to be active for more than two weeks before having a chance to get offical, you will have to have at least 6 active members and the RP standard must be very high.
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[GANG-FAQ] How to get offical
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