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 Russian Mafia (UN-OFFICIAL GANG)

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PostSubject: Russian Mafia (UN-OFFICIAL GANG)   Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:40 pm

Rico Rizzeti was born in North-Russia, He had an older
brother with who they were ganging up on the streets every day. hes called Dimitri Ruslanov. Everything
like that was their family in him in those days into a case what is illegal
hereby this our family heritage was left quasi. Sure when already they were in
him in all business when the brothers were children, hooker, organized crime,
with a word they already then 1 mafia he’s lead. They had 1 neighbour who Ruiz
called in. You are afraid of the feared gang only already in the city, the
policemen can make nothing against them with what underage. All men lived in
terror in case let them face them on the street. When 18 they were year, they
were divorcing from their parents separately and the brothers took on it their
life into big business, the drug into contraband. From Netherlands - it was
necessary to carry a load into America the wrapped portion drug. They put an
implement onto much money though with this. The money was invested
continuously, they worked on it continuously they were not able to give a
thought to something else of course only in order for him to be an own company
of theirs once onto the power.

The brothers went to complicate business when a team guided
by Italians found fault with them.
At this time the almost ready Mafia pulled a weapon already and riddled the
Italian team with bullets.
The Italians recruited a team at this time that it is attacked unit leaded by

Rico shotouts: The italians! These shitheads attacked us!

Dimitri says: What the hell?!

Rico shotout: Lets take your items!We Needs to protect ourselves this garbage
against a gang.

Italians: You there
are cattle, approximately 200 men with us here on the site, come out with a
hand held up, you throw away your weapon and we leave you in a life possibly.

pulled out his telephone and his uncle at this time Semion Mogilevich called on
it to ask help of him. His uncle was Rico's ideal though... Mogilevich sent all
of his gang there at this time, how it should help his younger brother out from
the trouble since he was in quite good one with the Italians, indeed, hes trade
with them. A good contact was enjoyed,
The Italians went away since it was known though that it is not allowed to have
fun with the Russians!
Rico departed from the site calming down and felt it so owes his uncle a lot.

The story will be continue.

Rank 6 (ID 113) - The Boss: Rico Rizzeti
He is the Big Boss, you follow every order he gives even if you like it or not.
He's controlling everything, and mainly represents the mafia.

Rank 5 (ID 295)- The UnderBoss: Dimitri_Ruslanov

Rank 4 (ID 147)- Sovetnik
He's a mature guy, who will take everything under control when the Boss is gone

Rank (ID 112) - Golova
Respeted, old member. He heads a crew of soldiers and reports directly to the boss/underboss.

Rank 2 (ID 126)- Coldat
Hes job is to protect the boss, and learn from the older members.

Rank 1 (ID 125)- Kompanion
He is a new member to the family with little respect. His job is to follow orders and protect the boss.[/size]

Total members: 14


Character's Story ( Minimum 50 Words) :

In-Game Level:
Previous characters:
Rate your english 1-10:
Rate you RP 1-10:
How long have you played on LS-SLRP?:
Do you agree to PK if you leave the faction?:

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Fidel Creasbe

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PostSubject: Re: Russian Mafia (UN-OFFICIAL GANG)   Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:54 am

(( Add some terms in your application, so anyone who applies won't fail at RP. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Russian Mafia (UN-OFFICIAL GANG)   Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:38 am

Looking good man Wink Good luck Smile


Carlos Cortes - Chairman of San Andreas Racing League
Thomas Lane - Director of SAN
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PostSubject: thanks   Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:01 pm

Thanks about that, we working hard to make a nice respected gang.
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PostSubject: Re: Russian Mafia (UN-OFFICIAL GANG)   

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Russian Mafia (UN-OFFICIAL GANG)
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