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 FBI handbook.

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FBI handbook. Empty
PostSubject: FBI handbook.   FBI handbook. EmptySat Jan 09, 2010 2:01 pm

*You walk into the FBI department*
*You see a letter below*
*You picked it up and opened it*

FBI handbook. Fbiiim FBI handbook. W600

What We Do.

1.Protect the town from the
terrorist, gangster attack.

2.Protect the civil rights.
3. We protect the city from
the corruption

4. We try to aim for it that into the city let there not be criminals.
5. We try to protect his city hall and the presidency

It FBI's task the law observing by a character investigating the
federal penal code after the violation of paragraphs; that it protects Los Santos, Las Venturas, San Fierro from the foreign country intelligence and terrorist
plots; that provides order protection leadership help for the federal,
state, local and international agencies; and that on all this tasks
supplies it in such a way that that population serves his interests,
and let it be faithful to United States' of America constitution.

FBI History:
It FBI's origin 1908. July onto 26 can be leaded back, when Charles is
Joseph Bonaparte a Minister of Justice created a body consisting of
special agents under Theodore Roosevelt presidency. The organization
first Bureau of Investigation it was
called, and turned into FBI in only 1935.
It turned out in 1990 years that it is FBI's criminal lab in more cases
completed atrocious work. The lab technicians received evidence like
that in single cases, they meant that the suspect was found guilty
though. It was necessary to open more files again after the series of
the mistakes was revealed.

The FBI’s culture:
emphasizes strong teamwork and collaboration among

colleagues, other government agencies, law
enforcement partners, and

citizens’ organizations. By working together to
effectively share

important information and intelligence and
reduce bureaucratic

obstacles, we move closer to our goal of
security for all Americans.

In our second century, the FBI must continue to
stand up to the

challenge to protect the American people from
complex threats in an

increasingly interconnected world. As the only
member of the U.S.

Intelligence Community with broad authority
over acts on U.S. soil, it

is our duty to protect all Americans by staying
ahead of national

security threats to the homeland,
acting at all times with obedience to the
Constitution and with fairness, compassion, integrity, and respect.

FBI handbook. Fbihk FBI handbook. W258

**Rico Rizzeti reads the letter that he picked up from department and sighs**
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FBI handbook.
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