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 Jacob_Valdivia's application for LSPD

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PostSubject: Jacob_Valdivia's application for LSPD   Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:16 am

Basic Data

Name: Jacob Valdiva
Gender: male
Origin USA
Date of Birth:29/08/1992
Extended Data

Life Story: (Minimum 200 words)
I grew up in California. I moved to San Andreas/Los Santos 1 month ago.
Earlier Occupations: None ((other servers: lawyer, taxi driver, and arms dealer.))
Do you have experience with Law Enforcement? If yes, what kind of? (If OOC Experiences, include!)
The police have pulled me over in other cities.

Why do you want to be a Police Officer?
I want to make Los Santos a safe place to be.
What do you want to reach as a Police Officer?
I want Los Santos to be the safest place to live. I want to stop all criminals
Have you ever commited a crime?[DATABASE WILL BE CHECKED!]
Do you hold a legal Los Santos Driving License?
Do you hold a legal Los Santos Firearm License?
Do you have experience with guns?
If yes, in which relation?
I've fired a shotgun a few times.

Answer these Questions by the way you would act.

1. A Car infront of you has started speeding, you.. :
Turn on your sirens, and use your radio to alert the other drive to pullover

2. The Driver of a Vehicle which you just stopped, left his car and runs with a pipe in your direction, you.. :
Back up for more space and time to get out of your car, then you pull out your gun and yell at him to stop. If he stops, call for back up just incase he decides to attack again.

3. You see a citizen pull out a handgun and aim at another citizen, you.. :
Yell at the citizen, then draw your gun and point. If there is time, you can call for more force.

4. Several Persons have crowded up on a citizen, carrying illegal firearms, you notice this while you're on a break alone, you.. :
Pull out my gun and call for back up (or just 911.) I will not make any actions until back up/911 comes.

5. You frisk a Possible Suspect, which has been at the crimescene, and find a handgun on him, the Magazine is full, you.. :
You take the handgun from him and suspect that he might have done it. (OOC: you ask him to /drop weapons or get rid of his weapons)

6. All your colleagues are on a break, you are in the garage interested in one of the Divisions Vehicles, you.. :
Stay away from it as I do not know how to operate it and might hurt myself.

7. One of your colleagues has been shot during a shootout, his crotch is bleeding, you.. :
Call for paramedics, and try to help my colleagues by putting pressure on the wound, and wrapping it up with a sock, shirt or some type of other cloth.

8. You pulled over a driver, who seems very intoxicated, he also smells of alcohol, you.. :
Take test to see if he is really intoxicated. If he is, you arrest him for DUI.

9. On your nightshift you pull over a driver which acts very suspicious, you can't seem to forget the smell of some kind of drug, you.. :
Ask to search him and his car and take test.

10. A High Ranked Colleague orders you to check something, alone, while a good colleague of you wants to patrol with you, you.. :
will not let him check with me as if something is dangerous, it will put one more life in the line of danger and injury/death, if there is any danger.

(( OOC Data ))

Ingame Level: 1(This doesn't affect your Application)
Previous Ingame Names: none
Origin [COUNTRY]: usa
[b]Age: 17

Can you effectively communicate in english?: yes
Do you have a microphone?[YET OPTIONAL]]: I should.
Are you willing to use the microphone in order to create a better communication within the LSPD?: yes
Are you prepared for unannounced trainings within your Duty as Officer?: yes
Are you prepared to write Crimefiles for a better Roleplay Experience?: yes
How long are you playing everyday?[Approximately in hours]: 4
How long have you been playing on the server?: 1 hour
How long have you been Roleplaying?: 2 years
Have you ever been Admin-Jailed? Reason!: No
Have you ever been kicked/banned? Reason!: Yes, only kicked since I was AFK
What is your Warnlevel (Ask an Administrator to check that!): none
Do you know what Powergaming and Metagaming is?: yes
What's our Policy on this?: not aloud
Give an Example of Powergaming: Forcing actions on people//me punches name_name and kills him (/kil)
Give an Example of Metagaming: Use OOC information IC/ wtf dude u said i culd hve a wepon

Do you agree playing more than 75% of your whole playtime with your Police Character: Yes

Last edited by Jacob_Valdivia on Sat Jan 09, 2010 2:09 am; edited 2 times in total
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John Martin
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob_Valdivia's application for LSPD   Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:25 am

((Omg you really failed in the application, i dont want to be rude, but you mixed OOC and IC, the Basic Data is for IC and you said stuff like video games, and you "maybe" have a microfone?? thats not an answer...))


John Martin became the new Mayor of the town.
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob_Valdivia's application for LSPD   Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:59 am

i didn't know it had to be IC since this whole forum looks OOC.

i edited the application so that it is IC where ever apporiate. pig pig
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob_Valdivia's application for LSPD   Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:01 pm

((Dude! Read the rules! Add the application answers with RED color!))
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob_Valdivia's application for LSPD   

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Jacob_Valdivia's application for LSPD
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