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 Rico Rizzeti Application

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Rico Rizzeti Application Empty
PostSubject: Rico Rizzeti Application   Rico Rizzeti Application EmptyFri Jan 08, 2010 11:44 pm

IC Data

Name (Lastname, Firstname): Rico Rizzeti.
Age: 25
Phone Number: 750127
Address: 8th Street 23, Vinewood,Los
Zip Code (Make something up, xxxxx):

Previous occupations: I was paperboy, and LSPD officer.
Whats skills do you have?: I have driving skills, aim skills.
Why do you want this job?: I would take
a liking to it to protect the city against the corruption, the organized
robbery, delinquency, and continuous gang because of wars, my aim the creation
of the quick peace, and to make feel with the population that I try to care
about the population. So the aim the quick peaceful one, with work the forming
of a full life.
Have you got any leading experience?: No, But i think I would find my place it
is necessary to start it somewhere once if I could lead this
Have you got LSPD experience? Yes, i was int he LSPD 6 years in a row.
Something about your self (Minimum 75 words)

I was born in a little city Los Angeles, my parents lived
between rather skimpy circumstances, and i though already infant into soot it
realize him through me, that I can achieve an aim so only, if I try to achieve
the best position with learning what I know,
Then Los Santos I moved that know to start my training and my schools.

After this my studies in Los Santos most famous school thats
called Alcatraz I spent 4 years that continue the training. After these go into
the local bakery to work my heart had a pull on deep one's always on the other
hand the trade, that it let me be allowed to be FBI's member. Yeah, right I had
1-2 muddled cases when we came back from hunting with my girlfriend, a gang
with 6 members attacked us into the underpass, I employed it after these that I
transport the people_nation like this onto the possible best place, this though
the prison!

I tried to be
friendly of course in my young age, I am 25 year one now, and I would like to
be a leader that let me protect the innocent ones, and to avoid the gang wars.

OOC Data

Have you got any other accounts?: No
Age: 19
IG Level : Level 6

Explain the terms
MG: metagaming in Role-PLAYING,
metagaming is the use of out of character knowledge in an in character
situation. A character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that
reflects the characters in game experiences.

PG: Powergame, You do anything what you cant do in IRL, like: /me destroy the
cuff from his hands.. etc.

RK: Revengekill, If someone kill you, you cant come back and kill him.
DM: Deathmatch, You havent reason to
kill someone.

CK: CharacterKill, You lose your status,level,items etc.
PK: Playerkill, You lose your 25 percent
of your money, your gang/faction
KOS: Killing On Sight. A Term used by guilds, if they place a KoS or 'Kill on Sight' on you. Everytime a member from that guild see you they will attempt to kill you.
Rushtazing: This is to avoid any
possible "rushtazing" situations.

when you go up to somebody who is shooting and taze them.
You can taze them if they're not shooting at you
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John Martin
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Rico Rizzeti Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rico Rizzeti Application   Rico Rizzeti Application EmptySat Jan 09, 2010 1:29 am

Dear Mr. Rizzeti
I have read your application, but i cant answer anything yet,
because the time period of the election hasn't expired yet.
When the time ends, i will review your application once more and think.
But i can tell you that you have done very well in the application.

Sincerely yours, John Martin, Mayor of Los Santos

((lol never change the format, even if its colors... Its anoying, and btw you failed in some places, there are questions and answers in the same color...))
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Rico Rizzeti Application
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