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 * As you approach City Hall, you see the new Mayor giving a speech *

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PostSubject: * As you approach City Hall, you see the new Mayor giving a speech *   Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:48 am

Dear, citizens of Los Santos!

As your new Mayor, I fully promise liberation in Los Santos, amendments to laws and rules if needed, a safe, clean clean community, trustful Law Enforcement, good economy and more! Government Organizations will now be paid more, and locals will be paid more. I will be presenting a new project to stop the crime of Los Santos soon, and I hope you support me all the way. Now, I'm sure you've all heard of Grove Street. They are domestic terrorists in my eyes. Ones that thirst for chaos in this city, mass destruction, and all that concur with it. I, in my Mayor position, will put a stop to this! They have gone way too far, and need to be killed before they destruct anything more. I have signed and continued "Operation KOS", formed by me, when I was in the FBI, and Jack Gates. They will continue the operation in full progress until we kill all the Groves, or arrest them. We also have LSPD in the operation, and the government. We have S.W.A.T going in there everyday, and we have FBI and Officers patrolling the areas around it. I promise this will not happen again, and LS will be a safe place for everyone. On the other hand, illegal trafficking hasn't been on the rise, nor other gangs. So Grove Street is most of the crime in LS.

I also promise to keep the Judiciary System under order. I, myself, will make up the laws will the help of my Advisors. The laws will be changing a lot in Los Santos during the next few months. A lot will change, as long as I'm Mayor, they will be good changes, in fact, don't worry. You will also see some new officials being hired to direct different divisions of the Government. And some will be fired, replaced, etc.

I know Thomas Lane was your old Mayor and did a lot in Los Santos to keep it healthy. And your probably wondering how I'm Mayor in such a short time. He wanted to be the SAN Director, I wanted to be Mayor. Since SAN was looking for a Director, and he actually made up the application, and he decided who the Director was, we sat down for a very long talk, and finally agreed to switch positions. He is now the SAN Director, I'm the Mayor. I hope you feel happy with his decision and realize, I'm a great man, potential, smart, and wise, as he described me. He did this because he thought I was very experienced with politics and had excellent plans.

* Fidel Creasbe nods to the crowd, and walks away with his bodyguards, waving back, smiling.
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* As you approach City Hall, you see the new Mayor giving a speech *
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