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 Ms 13 [Gang markings and hand signs}

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Ms 13 [Gang markings and hand signs} Empty
PostSubject: Ms 13 [Gang markings and hand signs}   Ms 13 [Gang markings and hand signs} EmptyThu Dec 24, 2009 7:40 pm

Symbols and culture

Ms 13 [Gang markings and hand signs} Entonces-ms-13.thumb

Gang markings and hand signs

Many Mara Salvatrucha members cover themselves in tattoos. Common markings include "MS", "Salvatrucha", the "Devil Horns", the name of their clique, and other symbols. A December 2007 CNN internet news article stated that the gang was moving away from the tattoos in an attempt to commit crimes without being noticed.

Members of Mara Salvatrucha, like members of most modern American gangs, utilize a system of hand signs called "clicks" for purposes of identification and communication. One of the most commonly displayed is the "devil's head" (formed by extending the index and little fingers of the hand while tucking in the middle and ring fingers with the thumb), which forms an 'M' when displayed upside down. This hand sign is similar to the same symbol commonly seen displayed by heavy metal musicians and their fans. Founders of Mara Salvatrucha borrowed the hand sign after attending concerts of heavy metal bands[/b]

Here is a gang sign

Ms 13 [Gang markings and hand signs} Ms13-symbols

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Ms 13 [Gang markings and hand signs}
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