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 The Siprianni Family

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Sonny Siprianni

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PostSubject: The Siprianni Family   Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:17 pm

“The Siprianni Family”

Sonny Siprianni was born in Liberty city in 1984.He was raised by his mother, Dominique Giamazzi, and lived with her and his two other brothers’. Sonny was the second oldest of the three with Vincent, born 1978, being the oldest and Franky ,born 1982, being the youngest. Their father, Santino Siprianni, died when sonny was 4 years old. He used to be the underboss for Leo Garlboro, the don of the Garlboro family. Santino was respected by his family and showed extremely good leadership. He was very strategic at planning and that’s how he set up his plan to get rid of the other two families that were competing with the Garlboro’s for a seat in the commission. Though the Garlboro’s were well known and respected by the other official families, they were not yet apart of the commission. The only way they could see themselves getting into the commission was to eliminate their competition. Other than their family, they had to worry about the Barzzini family and the Sizilia family who were both also trying to earn a seat on the commission. The don of the Barzzini family was Giovanni Barzzini and the don of the Sizilia family was Eduardo Sizilia.Santino Organized a hit on Giovanni Barzzini’s son and underboss, Joe Barzzini.He stole one of Eduardo Sizilia’s family cars and sent out a hit man in it to assassinate Joe Barzzini after a opera show in Portland. When Giovanni found out that his son got killed and a Sizilia family car was seen leaving the crime scene, he immediately declared war on the Sizilia family.Edwuardo sizilia immediately retaliated starting a gang war between the Barzzini and Sizilia families. Weeks past of countless murders occurring for both sides. The Sizilia ended up organizing a peace meeting in a warehouse near Portland docks. That’s when Santino got his men ready for a fight that would end up getting his family on the commision.The night of the meeting, Santino got his men ready and waiting at strategic points before the meeting was ready to begin. About 20 minutes into the meeting, Santino gave the order to attack. Guns went blazing as the Garlboro family started shooting from the roof and blocking off every exit of the warehouse. Don Sizilia, Don Barzzini, and all of their underbosses and lieutenants were trapped in the ware house and all were killed. After the gun show, Santino ordered the warehouse to be burned down to the ground. The next day, the newspapers were flying with the incident of which they called “The Warehouse Massacre”. About two weeks later, the don asked Santino for an favor to pickup his cousins somewhere out in the country. Santino noticed that Leo wasn’t acting himself when he was asking for the favor, but any suspicion Santino had quickly subsided as he thought his old friend wouldn’t betray him.When Santino got at the designated area, he shut off his engine and rested in his car seat. He waited for 20 minutes thinking about how strange Don Garlboro was acting when he asked him to go pick up his cousins from the countryside. That’s when it hit him. For as long as he knew Leo, he never mentioned having a cousin. In fact, Leo was a n orphan now that he really sat down to think about it. That’s when he started hearing ticking. He tried to get out of the car but the door was jammed. BOOM!!! That was all you heard as Santino got blown up with the vehicle. Before Santino left to do the Favor for the don, he told his wife that he had a bad feeling about it. His wife told him not to go but he insisted that his long time friend wouldn’t betray him like that. Just as his wife thought, Leo did betray him. Leo got paranoid thinking that the power of Santino’s mind would one day plan to kill him and take over the family so he took out Santino before it could happen. But little did he know that Santino’s children would be his downfall.

As the years past, Santino’s Children grew to be men. By now the Garlboro family has already been accepted into the commission and they owned a great portion of Portland’s turf. When the boys, Vincento, Sonny, and Franky came of the age to know about their father, their mother told them the whole story. They were enraged. That’s when they just started plotting against the garlboro family.Vincento remembered certain moments when his father was around but he didn’t really know him. Sonny only could remember a man with a blurry face holding him in his hands.Franky didn’t remember his father at all but that just got him even more heated as he knew he missed out with having a father there for him as he grew. Over time the trio got themselves into the Garlboro family slowly rising up the ranks. When Vincento was 27 he was the underboss of the Garlboro family and was Leo Garlboro’s most trusted man. Sonny was 25 and him and his other brother franky, which was now 23, were both lieutenants for the Garlboro Family. Sonny couldn’t rise in rank because his brother was already the underboss. Leo Garlboro was an older man of 71 by now. Ever since Santino, he was always weary of his family and who was getting too powerful.Vincento, in his eyes, was getting too powerful.
One day Vincento bought a brand new house for his mothe near the seashore in Portland. When he brought her there she looked like the happiest mother in the world and that’s what made Vincento happy. He then called Sonny to meet him at the house after he was suppose to meet up with Franky at the restaurant Marco’s Bistro.
Cell phone Conversation
Vincento: Ay Sonny
Sonny: Ey. What’s going on Vince
Vincento: How’s about you’s and Franky come over and see the place I just bought ma.
Sonny: Sure thing. Be there in no time.
Vincento: Alright just make su-
Before he could finish, Sonny heard Gunshots and his mother screaming through the phone followed by dial tone.”Holy shit…..this ain’t good”, Sonny said as he raced out of his apartment to his car. He pulled out of the driveway then speeded off towards the house.

When he got to the house, he could see bullet holes running across the walls and the windows were shattered. He quickly ran through the front door and almost past out as he saw all the blood and gore all over the freshly painted walls and over the floor surrounding His mother and Brother’s dead bodies. He quickly ran over to them and fell to his knees as he started crying. He held them both in his arms. That’s when Vincento started talking.
Vincento: So-Sonny.
Sonny: Vince. I’m here Vince. (Tearing) Who did this to you ?
Vincento: G-G-Garlboro
Sonny: Garlboro? That Fucking Pig.
Vincento: Re-Remember wh-what we did this f-for Sonny
Sonny: I ain’t letting Garlboro get away with this Vince.He pushed his luck too fucking far this time. Im gonna ice that old fuck bag. I promise you Vince.
Vincento: D-Don’t let m-me down So-Sonny re-remember our f-father,m-ma, and me.
Those were the last words of Vincento Siprianni before he died.
Sonny quickly got away from the house and called the paramedics leaving no personal information but telling them were the shootout was. When he jumped back into his car, he got a call from franky saying that Garlboro tried to whack him at Marco’s Bistro. Lucky enough, he had a few soldiers with him that were loyal to franky that helped him shoot his way out the backdoor of the restaurant. Sonny told franky what happened to their mother and brother. Franky felt mixed emotions as Sonny told him the news. Franky told Sonny to meet him at warehouse 50 by the pier so they could plan their final confrontation with Don Leo Garlboro.

Two weeks later, they scheduled a fake funeral for their mother and brother knowing that Garlboro would try to kill them during the ceremony. As expected, Garlboro’s men did a drive by at the church killing two people of a completely different funeral that Sonny and Franky set-up to look like them.
2 weeks after that Sonny and Franky held the real funeral somewhere out in the country where no one knew about.
Then three weeks after that, when the heat went down on them as they were presumed dead, Franky and Sonny traveled to Vice City to meet with Tommy Vercetti, the don of the Vercetti Family and a longtime associate of their father Santino.They told Tommy about what really happened to there father and how Garlboro just murdered there mother and older brother .As a gift from Tommy, he gave Franky a group of men including his son Eddie Vercetti to control for the hit on Don Garlboro.
When the brothers returned from Vice City with their men, they were picked up by their cousin Anthony at the entrance. They went straight to the warehouse to plan and get ready for the attack on Garlboro. Every Friday Garlboro would go to his prostitution front nightclub, the exchange, for a few hours. Well this Friday would be his last. The front was always guarded lightly, but every Friday when Garlboro came through it was heavily guarded to protect the Don.
The Siprianni brother’s got there men ready for the hit. They personally would take care of Leo Garlboro.
They had men at strategic points on rooftops and men ready to charge into the club. Their cousin Paulie was one of the men in sniping position on the roof and their other cousin
Anthony was guarding the backdoor with a few other men.Franky and Sonny were at the front ready to enter the club with there men.On Sonny’s go, they charged inside shooting every Garlboro in sight trying to avoid civilians.. Once they entered they saw Leo running from the v.i.p. section as his men defended him as he ran up the stairs and through the back stairway. Meanwhile Paulie and Anthony’s men were killing any and all of Garlboro’s men that came through the back and front doors. Paulie sniping while Anthony shooting.The Siprianni’s men had the bottom floor on lockdown as Franky and Sonny chose to go upstairs alone. When they got to the backdoor stair well, they saw Leo running down the stairs towards the backdoor. They killed every Garlboro member as they ran down the back hall staircase after Leo. He was yelling as he ran saying” I made you. This is how you repay my kindness?” and “I’ll have your fucking heads for this”. When Leo got outside it was raining.He saw Anthony and his men in front of him with guns in their hands smiling at him. He tried to run past them but was tripped to the floor by Anthony.He started crawling a few yards then attempted to get back up. By the time he got back up, Franky and Sonny just exited the backdoor thenFranky shot him in his left leg causing him to fall right back down on his stomach. He tried to pull himself forward towards his car while he pleaded for them to spare his life. Franky, Sonny, Anthony and all their men slowly walked behind him as he crawled and cowered towards his car. Paulie and his men were watching from the rooftops through their sniper scopes. He finally stopped trying to go forward and turned to face his Aggressors.”I apologize….. Come on Franky…Sonny. Sonny come on pal I’ll make you my new underboss… come on what do you say (Breathing heavily) you can live the life of a god”, he pleaded.”Fuck you…Fuck you both”, he bursted out,” I gave you a life to live… You owe me.You fucking owe me!!! I made you who you are to-“. Before he could finish Franky and Sonny shot him up simultaneous, ending his life instantly. The brother’s watched as he lay on the floor in a pool of blood then they walked off avenging the deaths of their father, mother and older brother.

One year later…..

Franky and Sonny ended up putting their heads together with their cousins and started their own family . After the death of Garlboro, they raided his old compound and took his stash of money and drugs for themselves. It took time but they finally got there family on the commission. Now they were getting a huge slice of the pie. Franky and Sonny now operate out of San Andrea’s. There cousin’s Paulie and Anthony Siprianni were left in charge of the Liberty City branch of the family as they ventured to another state.
Now that they just arrived in San Andreas, they are looking to expand their empire there and make a name for the Siprianni family. It may take some time but they are confident that they can pull it off.


Rank 1: Giovane D' Honore(associate)
Rank 2: Piciotto(enforcer)
Rank 3: Sgarrista(soldier/made man)
Rank 4: Capo Regime(lieutenant)
Rank 5: Capo Bastone(underboss)
Rank 6: Consigliere(Family councilor/lawyer)
Rank 7:Don/Godfather(Leader Of The Family)

Skins id's:

Boss Skin

i cant seem to get pictures up for some reason but if it gets fixed ill be putting some up

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PostSubject: Re: The Siprianni Family   Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:30 pm

Hey sonny goodluck but add some pictures and the ranks and the skin ids
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PostSubject: Re: The Siprianni Family   Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:32 am

Add some more pictures and You have my /support
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PostSubject: Re: The Siprianni Family   Sun Dec 27, 2009 2:45 am

Very good job with history and stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: The Siprianni Family   

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The Siprianni Family
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