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 [Gang Update]

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PostSubject: [Gang Update]   Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:55 am

New Gang Updates

New Warning System ( Beta )
Gang Advertisements

Gang Advertisements
To Start off with, we are allowing gangs to advertise through /ad, these can be RP ads only and not be too obvious, Gangs will only be allowed to advertise once every 15 minutes, this reduces the "spam".

New Warning System ( Beta )

We are releasing a new warning system mainly because we haven't got a system in process yet, We will have three different types of warnings, all adding up one official warnings, Three official warnings equal an official gang to go unofficial or an Unofficial gang to be disbanded.

Small Warnings
Five of these small warnings will equal an official warning.

Small Warnings may be given out for;

Breaking Any Rule That Has All Ready Been Put In Place, ( Including the /ad rule)
Gang Inactivity,
Using An Official Team Colour, While being Unofficial,
Recruit members that are below level 5

Medium Warnings
Three of these medium warnings will equal an official warning.

Medium Warnings may be given out for;
Disrespecting official gangs

Large Warnings
Just one of these large warnings will equal an official warning.

Large Warnings may be given out for;

Raiding An Official HQ, While being Unofficial,

Remember, this warning system may be updated from time to time, so keep checking back.

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[Gang Update]
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