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PostSubject: [ Advirtisement ] K.O. Guns   [ Advirtisement ] K.O. Guns EmptyThu Dec 24, 2009 5:14 am

** You hear an advertisement while listening to the radio **
Hey you! Yea you! Do you have a weapon license and want to buy a gun?! Do you want to get prepared for hunting season? Well look no more!
K.O. Guns is an affordable place where guns are sold. No Weapon License, No gun. Talk to the owner , Kenny Ortez , if you want to know where to get
a weapon license! K.O. Guns supplying all kinds of guns!

Located at Downtown Los Santos, Near Glen Park and Bank parking lot.
[ Advirtisement ] K.O. Guns Samp065t
[ Advirtisement ] K.O. Guns Samp066c

Visit us Today!

Open 24/7!

Opened on Holidays!

Come now !
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[ Advirtisement ] K.O. Guns
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