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 Ms 13 [Rules]

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PostSubject: Ms 13 [Rules]   Ms 13 [Rules] EmptyTue Dec 15, 2009 7:42 pm

Ms 13 [Rules] Therulesw

As our gang originates from the Mexican Mafia, your character MUST have ties with mexican gang life and highly reccomended that they are Mexican-American or Mexican, and have parents or grandparents from Mexico. Exceptions may be made for some characters with latino backgrounds etc etc but this rule is very strict and being a character that is anything but mexican-american will reduce your chances of getting in IC greatly.
If you feel that you have no idea what I'm talking about then exit this thread now. I will only accept members who seem to play the Mexican gangster because thats what they enjoy RPing. I will not accept people who create Mexican gangster characters just to fit into the server, or players who create new Mexican character accounts simply to join a faction.

Ms 13 [Rules] Pbucket

1. You must listen to the faction boss at all times, if I tell you not to shoot, or if I tell you not to start a fight, then you pay attention and follow orders and trust it is in the best interests of the gang.

2. Must check the MS 13 Rules

3. To make the "blood in blood out" code work, if you apply to join our gang, and then decide you want to leave you MUST agree to roleplay a character kill scenario meaning your character dies if we catch him and you pay for a name change, or you create a new character and never use that account again. We want loyal members in character and out of character so you must be prepared to stick with the gang or lose your character.. if you get caught.

4. You may have an alt account but you will be kicked from Ms 13 if you play an alt while any other Locotes are online, I ask full dedication to us or none at all. This applies to official members in the faction only.

Ms 13 [Rules] Pbucket

Every Ms 13 is to live by these rules, or die breaking these rules.

1) Give your life 2 El Jefe, never question his command and ALWAYS follow his order, the 1st priority in a shootout, is to protect him.

2) Blood in blood out, once you are a member of the clicka, you swear your loyalty & the only way to leave the gang is through death, Ms 13 clicka hasta la muerte!

3) Never snitch, callin la policia is extreme dishonor & any member of the clicka found to do will be punished.

4) Mever make fatal decisions without el jefe present, e.g no gang truces, no declaring gang war, only el jefe can speak for the clicka.

5) Respect your rank and know your place, follow orders of higher ranking members & never give orders 2 members higher then yourself.

6) Never call a gang member with a street name by his real name in front of outsiders, especially el jefe.

7) Never let anyone into our hideout & gang hq or show them were it is.

8 ) Never go around the city or to a meeting alone, always have at least 2 members with you to avoid dumb shit like kidnappings.

9) Never give out ANY info about the gang name or member names.

10) If outnumbered, or surrounded by policia do not shoot back or ask 4 backup from other members & risk their lives, just get the fuck out of there or ask for a ride.

11) Do not go into a rival gangs turf, unless it is a provoked attack or retaliation, with orders given by a higher ranked loco than you.

12) Never hold gats and cuetes out in the streets, keep that shit hidden and tucked in case puercos role through.

13) Never fight with your own familia, inside problems will be fixed by el jefe, never disrespect your bandana, never disrespect your colors.

Ms 13 [Rules] Ms13

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PostSubject: Re: Ms 13 [Rules]   Ms 13 [Rules] EmptyThu Dec 24, 2009 5:06 pm

No more cripz?? lol wtf?
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PostSubject: Re: Ms 13 [Rules]   Ms 13 [Rules] EmptySun Dec 27, 2009 1:31 pm

Marco Jasko wrote:

I will not accept people who create Mexican gangster characters just to fit into the server, or players who create new Mexican character accounts simply to join a faction.
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Ms 13 [Rules]
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